Who Am I?


Hi, I’m Dominic JP Nelson-Ashley.

My writing frequently tackles the issues of fatherhood, role models, mental health and spending my teenage years in a Middle England town called Wantage.

My poetry has been commissioned by the BBC. I’ve performed at the World’s longest running online literary festival. I have been on ITV discussing the impact of the Windrush Generation, Black Lives Matter and the power of Education.

Underpinning all my poems are optimistic tones, positive vibes and uplifting messages.

I love performing my work.

All my books can be found at AMAZON or BOOKS.

I am also Afro House Music Producer DOMINEEKY , Teacher, Radio Show Host (winner of BBC new voices BBCTees) and an Award-winning Social Entrepreneur . 

I have been a guest lecturer at Teesside University (where I did my MA in Creative Writing) and I am currently editing ‘Our Place, Our History’ – The Anthology of Black British Northern-based poets.

I post new poems to my blog.

email: blackbritishfiction@gmail.com


(photo by Kev Howard)